Why You Still Look Fat When You Reach Your Target Weight

Ever wondered why you still look fat when you reach your target weight, even when you obviously set it correctly? Below is a paragraph from Jason‘s book “How to Lose Weight Fast without Dieting” that may sound very familiar…

You hear it all the time, these very specific numbers that somehow determine if you are successful or not.

“Only if you have a BMI of 20, you’re fit and healthy!”

“You need to have at least jeans size 8 to be in shape!”

“If you weigh no more than 135 pounds you have the perfect physique!”

It all seems very convenient. Just use some of these ideal numbers as the end-goal of your next diet. By using these ideal numbers, you have the confidence that you will look exactly as you imagined. After all, this is what they tell us is true. Unfortunately, there’s more than meets the eye. Using other people’s targets can set you up for failure big time. Even BEFORE you’ve started your weight loss transformation…

As you can see, this huge misconception about setting your target weight can literally destroy your results. To save you from making these type of painful mistakes, Jason also shares the truths and reveals the solutions of how to lose weight successfully, only available in his book. If you want to get rid of your unwanted fat for good, get his life-changing guide “How to Lose Weight Fast without Dieting” and continue reading.

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