Food Type: Does It Really Matter?

Ever wondered if the food type you eat really matters to lose weight? Below is a paragraph from Jason‘s book “How to Lose Weight Fast without Dieting” that may sound very familiar…

Did you hear about that famous actress? She only eats peanuts and rice and lost 20 pounds! Peanuts and rice must be superfoods. Did you also hear about that singer? He follows the paleo diet religiously, has gained a ton of muscles and looks ripped! Paleo must be the secret to an incredible body, right? And what about that woman in our neighborhood? She lost about half her weight just by eating beef instead of pizza. That’s amazing! Beef must contain magic ingredients to speed up weight loss, especially when you eat a lot of it!

Excited about all these exotic and bizarre food choices, you decide to give your own diet a complete overhaul. Out goes the fries, burgers, meatloaf and crisps, in comes the peanuts, rice and beef. Let the transformation begin! The first few days you’re thinking “This new food doesn’t taste too bad!” and you keep going. Days become weeks and the diet becomes stale. Your energy levels drop and weight loss is nowhere to be seen. You may even have gained a few pounds! What gives?

As you can see, this huge misconception about food type can literally destroy your weight-loss results. To save you from making these type of painful mistakes, Jason also shares the truths and reveals the solutions of how to lose weight successfully, only available in his book. If you want to get rid of your unwanted fat for good, get his life-changing guide “How to Lose Weight Fast without Dieting” and continue reading.

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